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Google Glass has serious privacy issues; secretive Apple has a phenomenal edge

Mark Hattersley | Feb. 28, 2013
Who would you trust with a world of Glass technology? Google or Apple? We think the famously private company is a better steward of our eyes and ears

Maybe this is a good place for Apple to be right now. Regardless of whether it's by accident or design, Apple does not have the same problem with privacy that Google has. Apple iGlass will also record video, and take photographs, but what they won't do is share information with social networks unless Apple allows it.

Make no mistake Apple is a data-driven company and will also collect serious data on users of iGlasses, but it won't have to sell that data to third-parties for profit, or use them to target ads, or create a vast public database of personal information.

Apple is a hardware company and that's how it makes its money. People trust Apple. We think most people will feel happier in a world where everybody is wearing Apple iGlass rather than Google Glass. Purely because Apple is capable of taking privacy seriously, and Apple will probably be able to convince (and work with) governments to make it happen in a way that Google might not be able to.

Google Glass

Google Glass is, by all accounts, a remarkable piece of kit. Joshua Topolsky, The Verge says "The design of Glass is actually really beautiful. Elegant, sophisticated. They look human and a little bit alien all at once This is Apple-level design."

But it's not made by Apple. It's made by Google, and it runs to Google's business plan not Apple's. Google collects and shares information; Apple makes and sells hardware.

Staying out of the social media game might be the smartest move Apple ever made.


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