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Fitness apps moving up to the big leagues

Jen A. Miller | March 9, 2016
If you use a free app to map your run, track your biking or monitor your fitness activity, most likely you're now feeding that data right into a fitness company that wants to sell you something.

Will this work?

Whether or not that brand equity will transfer from app users to the fitness companies who now own the apps is the unknown here, says Newhall. Part of that will involve what companies do with the data they just acquired, and if it's used in a responsible fashion. 

If the innovations being brought adds value to the consumer, then these acquisitions will work. However, if "data's just being taken and I'm being marketed all this stuff that I didn't sign up for," she says, the apps will lose users and so will the brands that bought them, too.  

"It's like Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility," says Newhall. These companies now "own so much of an understanding of what these people are doing, what their mood is on a daily basis. You have a responsibility as an owner of that information to use it in a smart way."


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