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Evernote and OneNote users explain why their app is better

James A. Martin | Jan. 4, 2016
Loyal Evernote and Microsoft OneNote users share reasons why they choose one note-taking app over the other and shine a light on each option's strengths and weaknesses.

5) OneNote comes preinstalled on Windows Phone

Chad Reid, director of communications at JotForm, says OneNote came preinstalled on his Windows Phone, he "really loved the feel of it and started using it regularly — from grocery shopping to remembering names." And Reid continued to use OneNote after he switched to an iPhone.

Evernote, OneNote both worth a try before you decide 

There's a lot to like about both programs, but they also have drawbacks. Evernote fan Loda says the service's proprietary format is worrisome, for example. "I can export my Evernote database, but what if the software fails or the company goes out of business? I'd like a way to export my data in a more universal format."

(Evernote lets you export all your notes as Evernote XML (.enex) files, which preserve "all your note contents and tags," according to the company. You can also export notes to HTML files, though the option is sometimes buggy, depending on your OS. OneNote lets you export individual notes as PDFs.)

Others complain that Evernote, unlike OneNote, doesn't work well with the Microsoft Office ecosystem. And OneNote, unlike Evernote, requires a separate mobile app (Microsoft Office Lens) to scan documents and images with a smartphone.

Ultimately, if you're undecided on a note-taking app, it's a good idea to try both Evernote and OneNote before you commit, because moving files between the two services isn't easy. Spend a few days with each app to get a sense of the different interfaces, and use them on mobile devices, as well as laptops. Alternative apps, including Google Keep, Apple Notes, and specialty software, such as Notability (iOS-only), are also worth a look.


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