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Enterprise use of hybrid tablets growing fast

Sarah K. White | Feb. 23, 2016
Detachable tablets are gaining traction in the enterprise as traditional slate tablets and PCs dip in popularity.

Randy McGraw, senior vice president of Technical Operations, West Unified Communications Services also attributes the adoption of detachables in the enterprise to a rise in remote workers as working from home has become the norm for many employees. "The idea that someone has to be present to be part of a team is definitely subsiding as we see the ability to collaborate virtually become more effective, efficient and deliver a good experience." Devices that are easy to travel with offer the flexibility for the new norm - where workers might spend some days in the office and some at home.

He also says the increase in millennial workers will spur a stronger investment in hybrids. "The idea of providing devices that allow for an employee to be productive in/out of the traditional work environment will continue to be critical as the millennial workers continue to propagate the ranks." McGraw, like Ulery, says one of the fringe benefits of adoption is perception, meaning it shows your business is dedicated to growing and changing with technology, which he says can also help bring in and retain millennials.

Whatever the reason companies decide to adopt hybrids, Ulery says there needs to be a use case to support to transition. "As a business leader, the benefit is only where there is a unique business case on how the device improves productivity or the customer experience. Without that use case that truly benefits from the hybrid form factor, the device is simply a slightly more expensive laptop," says Ulery.


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