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Digital nomads post to their travel blog without wireless contracts

Matt Hamblen | July 12, 2016
Couple relies on Wi-Fi to their smartphones and Google Voice

Sam said traveling and posting to the blog with no monthly service has been "extremely effective, but it's not for everyone ... We don't need to be connected 24/7, and there are so many places these days that offer Wi-Fi that we get by just fine without a monthly plan." If they know they'll be visiting a spot without Wi-Fi, they can just pop in a cheap SIM card to stay connected. With the ability to download offline maps with Google Maps, "navigating cities without an internet connection is a breeze," he added.

"The biggest downside is that you don't have an instant connection," he said. "If you're walking through a rural area and you want to search for restaurants near you, you'll just have to wait until you find Wi-Fi. That gets a little annoying, especially when you're hungry. "

Texts, calls and emails show up as as soon as they connect to a Wi-Fi network. "Everyone with whom we keep in touch knows this and they're not expecting an instant response," he said. "Since we travel full time, it's very rare when we have to respond to a message quickly."

Deciding to eliminate a monthy service contract might sound risky to many smartphone users, but Sam and Toccara, both 34, are more determined and adventurous than most. "The digital vagabond lifestyle happened to fit our circumstances at a very opportune time," he said.

Toccara was a high school counselor near San Diego and found that having three months of travel a year wasn't enough. Sam is a novelist and was working at home. When he isn't blogging or sightseeing, he is writing his ninth book (Amazon price).

"We wanted to see more and experience new things while we are still fairly young and without children," he added. "I had been working from home as a novelist for some time and we had been saving up money for a while … so we figured it was time for a year off. Toccara tendered her resignation, we didn't renew the lease on our apartment, we sold our car, put our most important belongings in storage and we took off. We have now surpassed a year on the road and we honestly don't know if we'll be setting down any time soon."


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