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Digital Distractions can turn deadly

Tom Kaneshige | Oct. 10, 2013
Our obsession with mobile devices leads us to text, surf and read when we should be paying attention to what's around us. Those distractions could cost you your cell phone -- or worse.

Stop Texting and Look Around
Jack Nasar, an Ohio State University professor in city and regional planning and specializing in environmental psychology, studied the dangers of cell phone distractions in 2008 and found upsetting results, according to an SFGate story. His research team planted fake vomit on sidewalks and hung posters reading "unsafe," yet people on cell phones often missed the signs.

In other words, they acted much like distracted drivers who text on their phones, which brings up another maddening episode in our emerging digitally distracted world.

Texting drivers have swerved into other lanes, run through stop signs and lights, and caused countless crashes, which prompted California to ban texting and driving. Simply put, texting drivers are a menace. But that hasn't stopped people from texting and driving.

In fact, texting driver sightings are a regular occurrence. Chances are you'll see one the next time you get in your car. Whenever I see drivers looking down on their cell phones, I think of Alonzo.

Get off the Rover.


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