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Dell Latitude 7370 business ultrabook doesn't sacrifice style

Paul Mah | July 1, 2016
Dell's Latitude 7370 ultrabook is a portable and versatile business-focused laptop, but it is also sleek and offers a variety of extensive configuration options. This in-depth Latitude 7370 review details the device's many strengths, as well as some unfortunate shortcomings.

The keyboard is a good size, and it feels closer to that of a desktop keyboard than other ultraportables. It's still not full-size, which is somewhat disappointing, because many of the most popular high-end ultrabooks, including the 12-inch MacBook, have full-sized keyboards.

You cannot click the 7370's multi-touch trackpad, and it may take some getting used. However, the two buttons at the bottom work well once you get the hang of them. Dragging two fingers vertically scrolls the page up and down, and a pinch gesture zooms in or out. The Dell Touchpad app lets you change settings, including sensitivity and custom multi-finger gestures.

dell trackpad


Dell Latitude 7370 battery life, power management

Does the Latitude 7370 offer a "full day" computing away on a single charge? That depends. Battery life varies widely depending on the tasks you perform, which could be attributed to the Intel Core M processor.

Continued use involving heavier tasks, such web browsing with multiple opens tabs, and video streaming, for example, quickly decrease the life of a fully charged battery to six hours or less. Less-intensive tasks, such as replying to email and writing in Word, drain power much slower, and the 7370 got as much as nine hours of life.

Power users and travelers will appreciate the Latitude 7370's ability to control the device's charge rate through its Dell Power Manager app. The "ExpressCharge" setting powers up a dead 7370 to about 80 percent in an hour when turned off, or up to 100 percent in approximately two hours. We tested this claim and found that with ExpressCharge enabled, the battery reached 59 percent after the first hour and 93 percent at the end of the second hour. Though our experience doesn't match Dell's claim, it's still impressive because you can fully recharge in slightly more than two hours.

dell powermanager

Businesspeople who work mostly at a desk can choose the "Primarily AC Use" setting to lower the charge threshold. The setting charges the laptop more slowly, which is designed to extend the battery's life. You can create a "Custom" setting to specify when you want to start and stop powering up. And the "Adaptive" option automatically sets charge time based on your usage.

The Latitude 7370 gets a little warm on the bottom when used for extended periods, which isn't uncommon, and it is completely silent when in use. The laptop has no cooling vents at all; they're supposedly not necessary thanks to the Intel processor's 4.5W Thermal Design Power (TDP), which means the machine doesn't get very hot. (TDP is a measurement of the maximum amount of heat generated by a computer's CPU.)


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