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Consumers interested in the Apple Watch

Anuradha Shukla | Dec. 8, 2014
General interest in wearable devices grows, says Forrester.

Apple's products are popular worldwide and consumers have shown a keen interest to purchase its smartwatch as general interest in wearable devices grows across the globe.

The Apple Watch was unveiled on September 9, 2014 and consumers and industry analysts alike are excited about the product but comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony SmartWatch.

A newly released report from Forrester indicates that people are keen on buying the Apple Watch, due to several reasons including the perception of the brand and their lifestyles.  

Despite the growing interest in wearable devices consumers will buy Apple Watch only if they get value from their purchase. A brand can only pull a customer to the product but an actual purchase will happen if it is performing or increasing the style status.

Forrester suggests this product may not sell like hot cakes if consumers don't understand the concept or compare its popularity and usefulness to other Apple innovations.

Adoption trends

The first group of customers to buy Apple Watch will be existing Apple customers who are loyal to the brand and interested in new technology.

Mainstream consumers will carefully weigh the benefits before buying and late adopters will wait for the price to come down.

Forrester quotes a male in his fifties "I can't afford any of the Apple products. But I suspect that in another month, Microsoft will come out with something to try and top Apple's new products, so I will just wait until something I really want gets to a reasonable price."

Apple should make efforts to get its consumers understand the concept behind its latest launch and make them familiar with its features so that they see what sets apart the Apple Watch from other offerings in the market.

A large number of consumers see this product as just another form of a watch and many think it is another fitness tracker. Consumers need to be educated about how this can actually influence their travel, finance, and retail experiences.




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