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Complete guide to Siri: Updates in iOS 8.3 & how to use Siri features on iPad/iPhone

David Price | April 24, 2015
Our complete guide to Siri explains how to use Siri, details all the Siri features and commands (including the new questions introduced in iOS 8.3) and helps you get more out of Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

Turn the 7 o'clock alarm off.

Turn all my alarms off.

Delete the 6am alarm.

Cancel all alarms.

Switch off my morning alarms.

Set a timer for five minutes.

Cancel the timer.

What time is it in Berlin?

What's the date this Saturday?

How many days are in this month?

How many days till Christmas?

Ask Siri about: Contacts

Who is Simon Jary?

Find people called John.

Dave Smith is my dad.

Kate Smith is my mum.

Louise Smith is my sister.

Ask Siri about: Phone

Call my dad at home.

Call Kate.

Dial 020 555 555.

Ask Siri about: Calendar

Meet with Simon at two o'clock.

Meet with Kate at noon.

Change my three o'clock meeting to two o'clock.

Cancel my two o'clock meeting.

Cancel my meeting with David.

Move my four o'clock meeting to tomorrow.

Create a meeting on...

Meet with Mum and Dad on Christmas day.

Create an event with my parents at Easter.

Ask Siri about: General Knowledge

Note: Siri uses Wolfram Alpha to provide stats and facts. Wolfram Alpha can answer questions related to mathematics, geography, chemistry, words and linguistics, units and measurements, and all kinds of things. Here is a good list of the types of information you'll find on Wolfram Alpha, which will also work in Siri. Interestingly the American version of Siri has an "Ask Wolfram" feature where you can specifically tell Siri that you're after Wolfram information, this doesn't seem to work in the UK yet.

How many calories in a banana?

Calculate 20 multiplied by 13.

What are the properties of gold?

How may people live in Japan?

How far is Mars from Venus?

This is a pretty comprehensive list of things you can do in the UK so far, we may have missed the odd thing but we'll add to this list and go. If you've found any useful things that Siri can do that we've overlooked please let us know on Twitter or add it to the comments.


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