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Complete guide to Siri: How to set up Siri in iOS 9 & train it to recognise your voice

David Price | Oct. 26, 2015
Our complete guide to Siri explains how to use Siri, details all the Siri features and commands (including iOS 9) and helps you get more out of Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

Are we there yet?

Find a petrol station near me.

Find a supermarket along the route.

Find a coffee shop near work.

Find me a bar near home.

Find a movie theatre in London.

What's the best restaurant near me?

When is the sunset in Saint Lucia?

Ask Siri about: Stocks

What is Apple's stock price?

What is Apple's P/E ratio?

What is Google's 52 week high?

What is Microsoft's market cap?

Compare Apple to Google.

Ask Siri about: Places

Find Trafalgar Square.

Where is New York?

Find a Restauarant near me.

Where's the best bar?

I'm hungry.

Ask Siri about: Social media

Send a tweet.

Tell Facebook...

Note: You can't include Share this web page on Twitter or Post this page to Facebook

Ask Siri about: Safari

Search for BBC News.

Bing for elephants.

Search Google for images of cats.

Ask Siri about: The weather

What's the weather like?

What's the weather like in Barcelona?

What will the weather be this Sunday?

Is it going to rain this weekend?

What's the weather report in Berlin tomorrow?

Ask Siri about: Movies

What movies are on?

What's the best new movie?

Show me reviews for Batman Dark Knight Rises.

Where can I watch Skyfall movie?

Which movie won best picture last year?

Do people like Insurgent?

Ask Siri about: Apps

Play Angry Birds

Open things

Get the app Forever Lost 3

(What you can't do: Delete apps, move apps, go to the Home Screen)

Ask Siri about: Messages

Send a text to Jane.

Send a message to Karen Haslam and Ashleigh Allsopp.

Tell my wife I'm running late.

Reply I'm just testing out Siri.

Read my new messages.

Do I have any new messages from Lewis?

Ask Siri about: Email

Send an email to Jane.

Say Hi to Mum in an email. (In this case, 'Hi' will be the subject line.)

Reply what are we doing for Christmas?

Email Kate and say "sorry, I can't make it this weekend."

Mail Mum and say "looking forward to seeing you at Christmas" with a subject "Christmas". (Just say "a subject" and then whatever you want to use as the subject line. Note that if you say "a subject that says" iOS will put the "that says" into the Subject header.)

Any email from Simon today?

Did I get an email about football today? (This will search subject headers.)

Reply with "are we going to meet up this weekend?"

Ask Siri about: FaceTime

FaceTime Steven.

FaceTime Dad's iPhone.

Ask Siri about: Find My Friends

Where is Dave?

Ask Siri about: Music

Skip track.

Play songs by Abba.

Play First Cut Is The Deepest.

Play the Back to Black album.


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