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China to have more mobile applications

Anuradha Shukla | Jan. 15, 2014
Nation’s market size of enterprise mobile solution in 2017 will reach US$ 4.67 billion, says IDC.

China will have more mobile applications in the coming years and the nation's market size of enterprise mobile solution will reach US$ 4.67 billion in 2017, according to IDC.

A newly released report from IDC indicates that organisations in the modern service industries are leading in releasing business to customers (B2C) mobile applications targeted at consumer customers.

Enterprise customers that want to expand new mobile channel for marketing services will work towards addressing the usage behaviors of consumer users.

Mobile applications can support the fieldwork of front-line users in FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industries, transportation and logistics, governments, and power and energy.

All user groups, which could not be previously be covered by the traditional IT system, can now be supported by the mobile applications opening a new chapter in the mobile Internet era.

"Most industry users still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards mobile applications as an emerging technical solution," said Andy Wang, research manager, Enterprise System and Software Research, IDC China. "As industry mobile solutions mature and increase understanding of mobile applications from customers, IDC expects more mobile applications to be built in the coming years."

Understanding mobility trends

Customers have begun to gain insight into mobility trends and this will lead to expansion of mobile applications to specific business scenarios in a range of industries.

Several emerging and unique mobile applications will cover broader user groups, and this will deliver many benefits including changing the traditional work pattern, improving the working efficiency as well as customer service quality.

Wang notes security concerns and investments in mobile equipment as the two factors that curb the development of enterprise mobile applications.

Mobile application solutions are not mature yet, and some industry customers are still wary of deploying mobile application solutions in core business fields in large scale and in the short term.

"In addition, besides the software cost, the industry customers need to invest significantly in mobile terminals, and when there is a larger user scale, the cost of hardware purchasing and maintenance will become huge expenses," said Wang. "With limited investment, the hardware cost will account for a big portion, further squeezing the investment in mobile application. That affects the final delivery result and is the reason why many mobile projects failed at the early phase." 



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