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CEO says Superfish is safe as US issues alert to remove Superfish from Lenovo PCs

Brad Chacos | Feb. 23, 2015
Superfish's CEO is splitting hairs while Lenovo PC users remain vulnerable.

Lenovo stopped using the Superfish software in January, and its contrite CTO told PCWorld "We messed up" while vowing to provide a tool to remove Superfish from affected PCs. While we haven't seen that yet, Microsoft quickly pushed out a Windows Defender update that eliminates the Superfish adware and the root certificate in Windows, but not the Superfish certificate stored in Firefox's separate certificate manager, if you use that browser. Likewise, some other antivirus solutions identify Superfish as adware or a potentially unwanted program, but won't remove the rogue certificate from Windows or Firefox.

If you want to truly eradicate the Superfish adware and its dangerous certificate from your Lenovo PC--you know, like the United States government recommends--it's best to remove everything manually, just to be sure. PCWorld's guide to removing Superfish from your Lenovo PC can help you do just that.

Oh, and the third-party company that created the certificate that compromised encrypted connections for Superfish? It's called Komodia, and it's stuffed similarly dangerous root certificates into other programs, too. Enjoy your weekend.


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