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Can't wait for the Apple Watch? You're not alone

Mike Elgan | Nov. 24, 2014
Apple's wrist wearable won't ship for months, but three groups of people can't wait for it.

Apple also specified a conspicuously finite list of possible gestures. The most interesting of these is "force touch," which means you press on the screen like you mean it to open a context menu with up to four options. Horizontal swipes take you from page to page. Vertical swipes move down and up on a single page. Tapping, of course, selects what you tapped on. Swiping on the edge goes back, and swiping up on the edge shows the Glances view.

The digital crown, which is a physical dial on the side of the phone, moves through pages fast.

The Apple Watch doesn't support video. Developers can use up to 20MB worth of pictures, though.

All this information, and all of the tools, is being eagerly devoured by developers who can't wait until the Apple Watch ships before building their apps.

The accessory makers who can't wait

The Apple Watch isn't expected until March at the earliest, but accessories for it are already emerging.

A company called DODOcase, which has long made cases for the iPhone and iPad (I use one on my personal iPad), is advertising a wooden charging stand for the Apple Watch. The stand uses the magnetic charger that comes with the Apple Watch and suspends the watch above the surface of the table it rests on. The company says the price will be between $60 and $80, and it's requiring a $5 deposit for pre-orders. (DODOcase says the first 100 customers will get a special first-edition model.)

A company called Rest is accepting pre-orders for a $79 charging cradle for the Apple Watch called Composure. It takes the included charger and embeds it in a more appealing wooden slab. The company promises to ship the dock within 45 days of the Apple Watch ship date.

By the time the Apple Watch arrives next year, there will no doubt be hundreds of accessories available.

The market analysts who can't wait

Another interesting dimension to the coming Apple Watch ship date, which is still unknown, is that there are two separate schools of thought on how well it will sell.

The conventional wisdom is that the Apple Watch is nice, but it's kind of ugly, kind of bulky, kind of weird and kind of expensive to have any kind of mainstream appeal.

Rumors suggest, however, that Apple is gearing up for a massive launch. Some analysts agree with those rumors. For example, Morgan Stanley's investor notes on the watch predict that Apple will sell one Apple Watch for every iPhone it sells -- which adds up to 30 million Apple Watches next year. (The notes point out that Apple sold only 12 million iPhones in the first year of the smartphone's release.)


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