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Can my iPhone or iPad get iOS 9? Full list of iOS 9 compatible devices.

Lewis Painter | June 10, 2015
Can my iPad or iPhone run iOS 9? Which models are compatible with iOS 9? And can/should I upgrade my iPhone 4s to iOS 9?

My iPhone or iPad isn't on the list of compatible devices. What happens to older models? What should I do now?

If your iPad or iPhone isn't on the list above you won't be able to download any further updates to iOS (with the exception of security patches). This isn't the end of the world, and your device will continue to work and run as safely as before — you just won't get to enjoy the new features in iOS 8 (and iOS 9, and so on). Some apps specify a minimum iOS version, but you will probably find your ageing device's processing power limits your choice of apps much more than the fact that you're still on iOS 7, at least for a while.

Now may be the time to upgrade your device. But if you don't want to, or can't afford an upgrade, you can quite happily continue to run your iPhone 4, say, or original iPad — assuming you are satisfied with their speed. Don't feel pushed into an upgrade just because your device is no longer supported for iOS updates.

Which iPads and iPhones ran iOS 7 and previous versions of iOS?

If you're interested in iOS history, here's a list of the devices that supported previous versions of iOS. We used these to observe the trends and make our predictions before the official iOS 8 announcements.

iPhone OS 3: iPhone 1 and later; iPad 1 and later; iPod touch 1G and lateriOS 4: iPhone 3G and later; iPad 1 and later; iPod touch 2G and lateriOS 5: iPhone 3GS and later; iPad 1 and later; iPod touch 3G and lateriOS 6: iPhone 3GS and later; iPad 2 and later; iPad mini 1 and later; iPod touch 4G and lateriOS 7: iPhone 4 and later; iPad 2 and later; iPad mini 1 and later; iPod touch 5G

Which Apple devices will support iOS 8: our original predictions, and how we did

As we can see above, iPod touch support has tended to move up at the rate of one generation of iPod per version of iOS; at this rate we'd expect iOS 8 to only be available on a speculative sixth-generation iPod touch. But such a device doesn't exist yet. One could conceivably be unveiled alongside iOS 8, but we think it's more likely that iOS 8 will be supported by the 5th-gen iPod touch only. That's an easy one to start with. Update: we got this right — but it was pretty obvious!

iPad support has dropped off more slowly: the iPad 1 was launched while iPhone OS 3 was still (just) the current software, yet was able to run iOS 5 two versions later.


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