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BYOD in bloom, according to survey

Tom Kaneshige | May 23, 2013
A Cisco survey of mobile users reveals strong desire for BYOD programs and clear productivity gains. But hold off on those BYOD mandates because the love for corporate devices hasn't burned out yet.

The average U.S. BYOD knowledge worker saves 81 minutes per week thanks to using their own devices, according to the Cisco survey. Across countries, the average time gain was 37 minutes. Executives save three times that amount. And then there are hyper- productive BYOD users: 36 percent overall who gain at least two hours in productivity per week by using their own devices for work, and 21 percent who gain at least four hours in productivity per week.

Cisco attaches dollars to these extra minutes of work afforded by BYOD. A comprehensive, well-designed BYOD program can lead to an annual increase of $1,650 per employee. Of course, this requires that the program embraces BYOD laptops, which delivers the most bang for the buck as a productivity tool.

The Cisco's survey also sheds light on a group of mobile workers who don't want to be a part of BYOD. Thirty percent of mobile users would rather use corporate-provisioned devices. Even more alarming, a quarter of current BYOD-ers would rather use corporate devices, while 15 percent of BYOD-ers are actually unproductive using their own devices.

What's behind this anti-BYOD sentiment? Corporate devices, of course, come with IT support rather than the do-it-yourself nature of BYOD. Because of this, Cisco advises companies to re-think a BYOD mandate for all employees.

The report concludes: "By enabling BYOD for those who want it, and providing company-owned options for those who do not, companies can help BYOD workers increase their productivity, while allowing others to work the way they are most comfortable."


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