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BYOD blues: What to do when employees leave

Lisa Schmeiser | June 26, 2013
As more workplaces embrace BYOD practices, they'll increasingly confront the question of how to balance the benefits of a self-provisioned workforce against the risks of company assets walking out the door when workers are let go.

Hire carefully
This last step may be out of IT's hands, but it is often the first step in avoiding any problems. Weiss says, "You have to know who you're hiring — it all comes down to that. If you don't think a person's trustworthy, regardless of what their credentials are, then don't hire them."

With these steps in place, the risks of letting employees provision their own hardware are managed in a way that lets IT professionals still maintain their primary responsibilities to a company without being perceived as an obstacle for mobile-mad employees to work around. And being seen as business-friendly while also protecting the business? That's the real win-win when you think about employees' departures as you're bringing both them and their devices on board.


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