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Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids 2016: 47 awesome children's iOS apps

Craig Grannell | March 21, 2016
These apps promise learning, creativity and fun

This is achieved by completing 'DNA puzzles' (basic shape-matching) and subsequently manipulating the 'DNA' relating to a monster's limbs, torso, face and features (by dragging shapes or just prodding the relevant bits of the monster). There's also a modicum of interaction, where you can take your monster dancing and skating, and take a photo to share with friends. Smartly, the app enables you to save a monster before creating another, enabling you to revisit favourites at a later date.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Loopimal

Price: £2.49 (Download Loopimal)
Made for 6-8

The idea behind Loopimal is to teach children the basics of making music by way of a colourful and simple-to-use loop sequencer. That might sound complicated, but it really isn't. You get a bopping animal, and drag coloured shapes to a looping timeline. When the playhead moves over one of the shapes, the animal performs an animation that alters the music in some way. Once your child's figured out how it all works, you can split the screen into two or four, creating an oddball four-track menagerie-cum-band that will entertain for hours.

Best iPhone and iPad apps for kids: Math Bingo

£1.49 (Download Math Bingo)
Ages 6-8

Play the game that's all about numbers to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide: yes, Bingo.

Math Bingo sets a bunch of questions dependent on your choice and the level of your child's maths skills. A timer ticks away so you're out to beat your personal best time each go. To start we'd advise disregarding the clock as this can put undue pressure on the child.

Math Bingo is colourful and features a collection of weird bug aliens to make maths even more fun. Kids love to win the Bingo Bugs and they can then use them in a game of Bingo Bug Bungie - a sort of pinball game where you fire your collected bugs to knockout coins to beat your highest score. It's enough to make even reluctant mathematicians have another go at multiplication!

Within Math Bingo there are now two new games you can play after completing a Bingo board: Math Stack and Math Fling.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Metamorphabet

Price: £2.99 (Download Metamorphabet)
Made for 6-8

This Apple Design Award winner transforms letters into words, often by way of surreal and frequently strange animations. If you fancy seeing a caterpillar gamely driving a car that you can fling about the screen (complete with crashing noises when it lands) or an ostrich tentatively playing with a very solid-looking orange, this is the app to buy.


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