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Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids 2016: 47 awesome children's iOS apps

Craig Grannell | March 21, 2016
These apps promise learning, creativity and fun

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Operation Math

£2.29 (App Store links: iPad version and iPhone version)
Made for ages 9-11

This spy game puts the player as a secret agent battling the evil Dr Odd. You get new uniforms and spy gear for each mission completed. Like the other maths apps here you set your challenges depending on the level of maths skills of the child.

This game is all about beating the clock, so try it first in training mode when the player has more time to think about the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations.

The spy theme is a great idea for making maths a fun adventure.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Times Table Galaxy

Price: Free (App Store link)
For kids aged 9-11

The aim of Times Table Galaxy, a free times tables app from the App Store, is to make learning maths a little bit more fun, social and competitive. The app has been designed by award winning educators, and will teach kids their times tables from 2x2 to 12x12 in a fun but challenging way. Kids can screen record their lightning fast times table attempts to show off to family, friends and teachers, and are also able to directly challenge friends to a times table showdown via Apple's Game Center. For a free app, it's worth a go, right?

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Toca Boca Hair Salon 2

£2.49 (App Store Link)
Ages 9-11

All the Toca Boca games for kids are great (except Toca Band, which will drive parents round the bend), but Toca Hair Salon is seriously a must-have on any family's phone or tablet. Toca Boca games are great - they have the design aesthetic of Swedish wooden toys and 'feel' a lot like real world toys that encourage imagination. Critically, they are great fun too.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Tynker Premium

Price: £4.49 (App Store Link)
Ages 9-11

Tynker Premium is for slightly older children (aged 9-11). It aims to teach children the basics are coding through drag and drop visual blocks. These blocks are similar to programming code, and enabling children to solve puzzles and beat each level. There is a big push on to make programming more accessible to kids, and Tynker is a good way to do it. Children learn pattern recognition, problem solving, algorithmic thinking and concepts like repetition and conditional logic. Tynker Premium is good fun, too.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: YodelOh Math Mountain


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