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Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids 2016: 47 awesome children's iOS apps

Craig Grannell | March 21, 2016
These apps promise learning, creativity and fun

All together now: "Set fire to your hair, Poke a stick at a grizzly bear. Eat medicine that's out of date, Use your private parts as piranha bait."

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Earth Primer [iPad only]

Price: £7.99 (Download Earth Primer)
Made for 9-11

This beautifully designed app is essentially an interactive textbook, explaining how our planet works. As you leaf through the digital pages, you create volcanos and sculpt mountains, along with, of course, reading through the succinct but informative text alongside the simulations. That should be enough to keep most kids engrossed, but Earth Primer also includes a sandbox that enables you to create and shape a landscape with tools that are only unlocked as you progress through the rest of the book.

We'd say experiencing Earth Primer is reward enough, but turning a textbook into a game is a clever move if a reader needs a little extra encouragement.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Let's Do Mental Maths

£1.99 (iTunes link)
Ages 10-11

Let's Do Mental Maths for iPhone and iPad are also recommended. They're a great way to monitor your kids' progress at maths and test most maths categories.

Andrew Brodie, educational author and former teacher, teamed up with Bloomsbury and Aimer Media to create the Let's Do Mental Maths apps; the first two of which are aimed at 6-7 and 10-11 years olds. An app for 8-9 year olds is scheduled for a summer release.

They are designed to support the latest National Curriculum requirements and have been developed alongside children in classrooms to help boost children's confidence.

Let's Do Mental Maths uses an engaging quiz format with a cartoon Digit the Dog, who can offer advice when the player gets stuck.

There are three main quiz areas:

Starter questions to warm up the kids' maths skills - a quick selection of random questions, uniquely combined every time.

Progress tests are made up of 7 sets of 20 questions to grade maths ability and track players' scores - matched to National Curriculum expected progress.

Practice quizzes consist of nine categories of practice questions: Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Times, Measure and Shape.

There is a simple Results dashboard that includes the percentage and number of correct answers as well as the time taken to answer

The Let's Do Mental Maths apps are a nice mix of maths tasks that don't try too hard with gimmicks but still look like fun, and get children ready for their SATs. Recommended.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: MathBoard

£3.99 (Download MathBoard)
Made for ages 9-11


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