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Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids 2016: 47 awesome children's iOS apps

Craig Grannell | March 21, 2016
These apps promise learning, creativity and fun

Brilliantly, you can use a magnifying glass to explore your tiny world, collecting fruit and fish, and using them to feed the animals and birds you find. The blank canvas aspect whenever the app restarts is a pity - it would be nice to have a save slot for 'your' world, but otherwise this is one of the finest children's apps on iOS.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Weather by Tinybop

Price: £2.29 (Download Weather by Tinybop)
Made for 6-8

There's clear ambition within Tinybop apps, which try to make tricky concepts approachable through interactive models. In Weather, it's all about playing with atmospheric forces, and seeing how changes affect the environment. Each scene has a number of elements to experiment with, such as raising or lowering the temperature to see how this impacts on a glass of water or the comfort of a dog in its kennel. Elsewhere, you can zoom into a cloud and observe snow and rain forming. All this is wrapped up in an illustrative art style that's effective and approachable.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Wombi Airplane and Wombi Treasures

£2.29 (Download Wombi Airplane | Download Wombi Treasures)
Ages 6-8

Wombi Treasures is a basic but fun and graphically rich treasure hunt game for kids, available as iPad, iPhone and Android apps. It engages young children in scouring locations to find hidden artifacts, rewarding perseverance, and keeping kids gripped with their challenge. While the graphics are rich the gameplay is relatively basic but keps children excited to keep playing again and again.

Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids: Ages 9 and over

Finally, here are our recommendations for children aged 9 and over. (Almost all of these cover the ages 9-11, but we couldn't resist including Dumb Ways To Die, below, which is for those aged 12 and over.)

Once again, we will emphasise that age recommendations are approximate. Check out our recommendations on the App Store (have a look at screenshots, any available preview videos and so on) before spending any money, to see if the difficulty, complexity and reading level are appropriate for your child.

Best iPhone and iPad apps for kids: Dumb Ways To Die

FREE (iTunes link)
Ages 12 and over

Originally conceived as a public safety animation for an Australian metro company, Dumbs Ways To Die morphed from a brilliant cartoon and maddeningly catchy tune that kids love to sing into an equally fun game of 15 potentially lethal possibilities. Kids love it and learn how not to get themselves killed at the same time.


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