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Best HealthKit compatible apps

Miriam Harris | July 11, 2016
The Apple HealthKit software is designed to gather health information from all your different health apps, giving you a centralised data source to help you keep on top of your fitness, sleep habits and diet.

Best HealthKit compatible apps: Nike+ Running


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This fitness app is designed to be supportive, providing training programs, coaching expertise and daily workouts no matter what stage you're at with running.

You can use it anywhere you choose to run, whether it's a treadmill or pavement and it tracks distance, pace and time.

By accessing your Apple HealthKit data, Nike+ Running can give you a heart rate monitor support in-run when using a Bluetooth device.

Here's how to use Apple's Health app to get fit and healthy.

Best HealthKit compatible apps: Wahoo Fitness


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This app measures your heart rate and stride rate for running, cycling, and more than 30 different fitness activities. This helps to see how hard you are pushing yourself with your workouts.

It works alongside Wahoo Fitness hardware - a heart rate chest-strap monitor, a run workout tracker and the Tickr X Workout tracker, which counts your reps.

As well as being able to synch your workout data to Apple Health, Wahoo Fitness works with the 7-minute workout app and a range of other fitness apps.

Best HealthKit compatible apps: Weight Loss Coach


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This app by Fooducate has won awards and media praise for creating an encouraging way to eat a healthy diet. 

Track your food intake by adding your own recipes and scan product barcodes to get a personalised nutrition grade.

The app uses product nutrition panels and ingredients lists to notify you of the quality of your calories and quantity, to track your hunger levels and give suggestions for healthy foods based on the foods you scan.

Best HealthKit compatible apps: Sleep Time+


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Sleep Time is used by more than 35 million people, and is the number one sleep analysis app in countries such as the US, Japan and UK.

It details the percentage of time you're awake, in light sleep or deep sleep (REM) and when you snoozed, giving you an overall efficiency percentage.

You can set an alarm from the app, choose from various soundscapes to fall asleep to, and check weekly and monthly graphs to track your long-term trends. 

Although the app isn't free, it's much less expensive than buying sleep tracking hardware.

Best HealthKit compatible apps: Strava Running and Cycling


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