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Bad with names? 2 Android apps try to help

Barbara Krasnoff | March 2, 2015
A few years ago, Evernote picked up a small contact-manager app called Hello (which was then retitled Evernote Hello). One of the main ideas behind the app was to help those of us who had trouble remembering names (a category I definitely fall into). It let you take notes about people you met at, say, a conference, and pick up extra information, including photos, from LinkedIn. You could then use the info and/or the photos to jog your memory.

That being said, Social Recall can provide a way to try to at least improve your memory for faces — when the faces are provided.

Another promising candidate?

Social Recall isn't the only game in town. There are a few other Android apps that purport to improve your memory for names, but most of them use fictional people as a training exercise rather than offer assistance with actual meetings.

There are at least a couple of iOS apps that help users put names to real faces. Namerick associates the names of new acquaintances with phrases as a memory aid, while Name Shark lets you put contacts in groups for easier reference and includes a variety of quizzes.

Unfortunately, there's no indication that either company has plans to develop a similar app for Android. If there are any other Android apps that help remind you of the names of people you have met before, please let me know. I promise to try to remember whom I got the tip from...


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