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Asian iOS news app: Bloomberg TV+

Madura McCormack | Nov. 12, 2012
Recent upgrade adds availability of Bloomberg Asia TV and creation of personal channels

The Bloomberg TV+ app for iOS, first released in October of last year recently received an upgrade with a focus on Asian mobile news consumers.

Among the updates; the availability of Bloomberg TV Asia which includes region focused news shows, Asia Edge and Asia Stars.

Version 1.3 of the app will also allow users to create personal channels, a feature to streamline news feeds depending on personal preference. Add a channel on China to receive dedicated news on the Republic or a channel on Apple for all the Cupertino news.


A point to note, that upon downloading the app it may not recognise your region correctly. Switch regions in the settings tab on the top right hand corner.

Short app review

This free news app is available strictly on the iPad and is more focused on consumption of news via video than traditional articles. Live feeds of Bloomberg content is available on a variety of channels, including Charlie Rose, Asia Titan's at the table and Faith in Finance.

Bloomberg TV+ has a simple and sleek user interface split into three sections; featured video on the top, a belt of videos and a bottom third of top news articles. The footer of the app is a scrolling ticker of latest news and market updates.


A plus point is a feature of the app where videos can be downloaded to a playlist for offline viewing. Good to catch up on the news when your connection isn't working or during the commute to and from work when networks are especially strained.

Another pleasantry is that the app is completely free; not one of those that is free to download but requires in-app purchases for unlocking certain features. Of course, the non-existent price tag means it comes with advertisements, which are thankfully sparse and non-intrusive

Probably the only pitfall of the app is that it isn't available on any other device besides the iPad. Though if you do own one, the app is most certainly worth a try.


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