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Apple's cut of 2015 App Store revenue tops US$6 billion

Gregg Keizer | Jan. 7, 2016
Significant increase over its take the year before, but signals a slightly slower growth rate.

But while 2015's App Store numbers were certainly up -- an increase of at least $1.8 billion for Apple -- over the year prior, the growth rate appeared to have slowed.

In January 2015, Apple flaunted a 50% increase in App Store sales: total billings, not just its cut or developers'. Today, Apple's "over $20 billion," when compared to estimates by Computerworld and Dawson last year of 2014 total revenue between $14.3 billion and $15 billion, put 2015's growth rate at between 40% and 47%.

Apple's $6.3 billion earnings from the App Store may have been real money -- more than its total revenue for all of fiscal 2003 -- but in the context of its current sales, which totaled $183 billion for 2014, it's just a drop in the proverbial bucket at a mere 3.5%.

Four quarter revenue per iOS device, estimated 
Dawson's estimates of App Store's gross revenue per in-use iOS device shows a surge toward $25 starting in late 2012. He attributed the increase to in-app purchases in games -- Candy Crush Saga kicked off the business model -- which many believe is unsustainable or damaging to the app ecosystem. Credit: Jackdaw Research


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