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Apple Watch's halo effect may be impossible to resist

Michael Simon | March 31, 2015
The halo effect caused by Apple's newest product should work both ways: watches selling phones, and phones selling watches.

And this is just the beginning. The iPod simply played music, but Apple Watch is at once a fashionable piece of jewelry and a gadget that does everything the iPod did and a whole lot more. The original iPod may have started at $399, but within 18 months it had expanded into a line of devices with a range of prices. Apple could do something similar with Apple Watch, both to bring down the price of the low-end and to appeal to as many styles as possible. Apple Watch could end up bringing Apple to heights its music player could never reach, with a halo effect that makes the iPod's seem small by comparison.

But then again, Apple never sold a $17,000 iPod.


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