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Apple Watch after 3 months: It's still personal

Macworld Staff | July 27, 2015
The Macworld staff weighs in on how the Apple Watch has—or hasn't—impacted our lives.

Although it's nice to know via the Activity app that my walk to work every day counts as legitimate exercise, the only other way I find myself using the Watch is to discreetly Shazam what songs my Uber drivers happen to be playing. I wouldn't say that's enough to justify its expense.

Overall, though, I'm happy with the user interface, battery life, and the look and feel. But I'm ambivalent about how integral the Apple Watch is as part of my daily routine.

Caitlin: My running/commuting companion

I still wear my Apple Watch almost every day, three months after it arrived at my doorstep. The days I leave it plugged in are the days I know I'll be a total coach potato, and I don't want the watch's judgey rings to mock my lack of activity. (Sometimes I don't want to meet any goals, let alone caloric ones.)

But I still use the watch mainly as a fitness tracker that has bonuses like music playback control, iMessage and HipChat notifications, and calendar reminders. A Fitbit can't do all of that. Every morning before I go for a run, I strap the watch to my wrist, open the Workout app, tell Siri which playlist I want to listen to, and hit the pavement. It's easy, fast, and helps me track my pace, mileage, and heart rate, plus it logs all that data in visually stunning charts that are easily accessible on my wrist or phone.

I was already an active person before I started wearing the watch, so I can't say whether or not it will inspire people to become more active. But I love that it does all of that work and also lets me check the New York Times headlines on my way to the train, respond to texts, and control my music without having to take out my phone.

My one complaint: the white Sport band. It gets so, so dirty. But now that more third-party bands are on the way, I can easily swap it out for a new, more interesting strap.

Roman: Taking one for the team

I had never been a watch wearer. Before cellphones, if I wore a wristwatch, I usually took it off after a few hours and carried it in my pocket. So just the idea of wearing an Apple Watch was something I had to get over.

At first, I was really excited about the Apple Watch (like I am with a lot of new gadgets I buy), checking it constantly and finding excuses for using it. But my fascination started to fade after two weeks--and now, I really only wear it because I feel like I should as a Macworld editor.


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