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Apple Watch after 3 months: It's still personal

Macworld Staff | July 27, 2015
The Macworld staff weighs in on how the Apple Watch has—or hasn't—impacted our lives.

Leah: Sport Band faded, but the love is strong

After three months, the Apple Watch is still something I wear daily. Well, almost daily: Sometimes, I forget to throw it on its charger before I go to bed, which means it'll likely be dead in the morning when it's time for me to put it on. If it's dead, then it won't track all the sweet steps I'll get during my morning commute across San Francisco via walking and public transit. And if I can't track all of my activity for the day, I'll be short of my Activity goals, even though I'm technically not short on my Activity goals. So, I'll just leave it at home that day to avoid my (unnecessary, overly dramatic) frustration of not getting credit for all of that walking I just did. Yeah, it's silly, but still.

I like my Apple Watch a lot. But it hasn't become a necessary gadget for me yet, and as such, it hasn't become a part of my daily routine. Sure, I like the wrist-based notifications, the easy access to Siri and messages, and using it to buy my morning coffee via Apple Pay. I love its Activity features (I never leave it at home if I know I'll be hitting the gym or going on a hike) and how well it integrates with my favorite fitness apps. Digital Touch taps and drawings still make me crack up, so I enjoy using them to badger my Apple Watch-wearing friends. However, I have access to most of those features on my iPhone--which is, of course, my most-used Apple device--so I don't fret if the watch gets left at home. That's why I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of native Apple Watch apps developers come up with when watchOS 2 launches later this year--I want more reasons to wear and use my watch every day.

I do have one regret, however: My band selection. I bought the neon pink Sport band to go with my aluminum Sport watch, but its color has faded and warped a bit in its short lifespan. It has always been an obnoxious hue on the coral color spectrum, but now it looks almost orangey. And, I'm not gonna lie, I sometimes refrain from wearing it because the band doesn't go with my outfit for the day--which I knew might be a problem when I first made my choice, but I didn't realize it would be that much of a problem. I'm going to copy Caitlin McGarry's preferred Sport look and get the white Sport band, and perhaps the soft pink Modern Buckle, too.

Oscar: Naming that tune all over town


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