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Apple Watch 3 release date, price, features and specs rumours: Our wishlist for the Apple Watch Series 3 expected in September 2017

By Christopher Minasians | Oct. 5, 2016
The Apple Watch Series 2 added GPS, a brighter display, a faster processor and water-resistance. However, there are features we would have liked to see and here's our Apple Watch 3 wishlist.

We would like to see a greater emphasis on water-resistance or full waterproofing options with the new Watch 3. Be this a change in the design or an update to Apple's terms and conditions. Also see: Best Apple Watch games

Apple Watch 3 rumours: Tech specs

Here we'll talk about the inside of the Apple Watch 3: what changes can we expect to its tech specs?

Apple Watch 3 Touch ID

We were hoping to see Touch ID integrated within the Series 2, but unfortunately didn't see it included. For the 2017model, we would expect Touch ID to be integrated within the new watch's display. This would bypass the need to have a passcode, making the overall user experience a lot better.

Apple Watch 3 storage space

The current line of Apple Watches only has 2GB of storage space. This might be enough for a few songs for your running playlists, but in comparison to its competitors, such as the Sony Smartwatch 3 and Moto 360 Sport (among many others), these two Android smartwatches have 4GB of internal storage space.

We would like to see 4-16GB of storage space included. Given that NAND flash storage is so small, an increase in storage size won't take up any room and yet will enable people to put their entire music collection on their Watch 3.

Apple Watch 3 specs: Why the Apple Watch 3 needs an ARM Cortex A32 processor

This section was written before the Series 2 and new Series 1 watches were announced, so its relevance is less important, given that we have the S1P and S3 dual-core processors in the current Apple Watch generations. Nevertheless, this small CPU might still prove to be something of interest to certain users.

ARM has revealed a brand new design for an ultra-tiny CPU built specifically for wearables like the Apple Watch and we want the ARM Cortex A32 in the next-generation Apple Watch.

ARM processors have long formed the heart of Apple's iOS devices, even though it builds its own SoCs, or systems-on-a-chip, under the A and S banners. So it's no stretch to see this new chip's timing being perfect for an Apple Watch upgrade, and it could solve many of the Apple Watch problems we're having.

Inside the ARM Cortex A32

First and foremost, the A32 promises better battery life, with faster performance and lower power usage. It's up to 25 percent quicker than the current ARM offering, and it achieves this while reducing power consumptions.

"The Cortex-A32 delivers 25% more efficiency (performance per mW) than the Cortex-A7 in the same process node. Cortex-A32 delivers this efficiency through a combination of both performance improvements and power reduction," says ARM.


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