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Apple Watch 3 release date, price, features and specs rumours: Our wishlist for the Apple Watch Series 3 expected in September 2017

By Christopher Minasians | Oct. 5, 2016
The Apple Watch Series 2 added GPS, a brighter display, a faster processor and water-resistance. However, there are features we would have liked to see and here's our Apple Watch 3 wishlist.

However, potential cellular connectivity for Apple Watch 3 is exciting, as severing the tie between the Watch and iPhone is an important technological step to the Watch being the all day every day personal assistant Apple is clearly dreaming of. Being able to bring up native apps over a network connection without your phone might unlock new possibilities for watchOS developers. Also see: Apple Watch rivals compared

Apple Watch 3 charging: Qi wireless-charging capabilities

The form of wireless charging used by the Apple Watch is a great feature; it snaps into place using magnets and leaves no unattractive port on the watch. The only issue is that if your battery runs out while you're away from home, Apple Watch chargers will be hard to come across.

An ideal situation would be for the Apple Watch to support Qi charging, a wireless charging standard that's becoming increasingly popular, with companies like Samsung including the technology in its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S6. While wireless charging pads aren't as popular as cables, there's more chance of you coming across one on your travels - McDonalds, for example, has said it is installing 600 Qi hotspots in 50 restaurants for the public to use. Also see: Best Apple Watch apps

Apple Watch 3 straps: Smart Straps

Smart straps are a fantastic idea, which Pebble realised and implemented in the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Pebble are letting developers and manufacturers alike create their own smart straps that connect to the watch via a smart accessory port.

What's the big deal? Smart straps have the potential to make a good smartwatch great; from a battery pack strap that gives your watch extra battery power, to a strap that has built-in LEDs that flash whenever you get a notification. You could even go one step further, and cover the strap in LEDs for a truly unique design.

Fitness fans could have a workout strap with extra sensors that improve the health and fitness functionality of the Watch. The possibilities are there: Apple just needs to allow the manufacturers the freedom to create!

This also will bring some other ideas to the table, such as a fob strap or a way of turning the Apple Watch into a pendant. In the past, projects have been funded to change the design of the strap of the Apple Watch, but we would like to see this come from Apple too. Also see: Apple Watch buying guide and price list

Apple Watch 2 water-resistance: Better waterproofing

The new Series 2 is IPX7 certified and can be taken on swims. However, despite its water-resistant claims (and not waterproof), we are very well aware of Apple's current warranty terms and conditions for water damage are disappointing. Whereby, if the Apple Watch is used with soapy water (such as when you're in the shower), you would effectively be voiding its warranty.


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