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Apple Watch 3 release date, price, features and specs rumours: Our wishlist for the Apple Watch Series 3 expected in September 2017

By Christopher Minasians | Oct. 5, 2016
The Apple Watch Series 2 added GPS, a brighter display, a faster processor and water-resistance. However, there are features we would have liked to see and here's our Apple Watch 3 wishlist.

The Apple Watch Series 2 was announced at Apple's event on 7 September 2016, where the new watch brought new features like GPS, a dual-core processor, water-resistance and a brighter display. The Watch Series 2 is a healthy step forward and we're really fond of it.

However, there are some features we still would have liked to see, especially with Apple patents floating around the internet. In this article we discuss what we would like to see in the Apple Watch Series 3, alongside any rumours.

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Apple Watch 3 release date and price: When will the Watch 3 come out and how much will it cost?

We expect the Series 3 to come out in September 2017, a year after the Series 2. This would fit a natural upgrade cycle in Apple's product line.

We do have a hunch that Apple might release a Series 2 S in March 2017, with the new S version adding extra storage options to the current 2GB Apple Watch Series 2 line-up. We would expect a 4GB and 8GB models to provide runners with less reliance on their iPhones.

There are no suggestions that this might happen, but it would be a logical step forward in Apple's portfolio. Also see: Apple Watch deals | Apple Watch buying guide

Apple Watch 3 design and build: How will the Watch 3 look like?

We expect the Watch 3 to look and feel like the current Series 2 watches, with the Hermes, Nike+ and Ceramic variants to be alternative options for buyers. There are some who are even speculating different straps, a new FaceTime camera and even a circular design.

We could also see no change to the design, apart from new colours added to the line-up, but below are some rumours and radical designs we might see incorporated in the Watch 3.

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Apple Watch 3 design rumours: Multi-function bands

Apple might be considering a new multi-function band. As first spotted by AppleInsider, Apple recently filed an interesting patent by the name of "Magnetic Wristband", and details a magnetic wristband for the Apple Watch that offers additional functionality.

According to the patent, the magnetic wristband will, obviously, feature a set of magnets embedded into it, allowing the two sides to join together. For consumers, this means that when worn, the magnets would hold the Apple Watch in place (much like Apple's Milanese Loop) - but it's when the watch is taken off that the new band comes into its own.


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