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Apple Watch 2 Wishlist: 9 features we want to see in a second generation Apple Watch

Lewis Painter | April 2, 2015
With the Apple Watch launching later on this month, we set our sights ahead on the Apple Watch 2. We discuss the features that we'd love to see on a second generation Apple Watch.

A watch should be able to resist more than that - we're not saying go diving 50m down with your Apple Watch on, but it should be able to withstand aquatic activities like swimming. A more water resistant Apple Watch also means that you generally have less chance of a water damaged Apple Watch.

Circular display
There are two visually different kinds of smartwatch currently on the market - square and circular. The former is the form factor that the Apple Watch has adopted, and while it looks stylish and has the fashion industry excited, we hope that Apple creates a circular variation for those of us that appreciate the design of a traditional circular watch. Smartwatches like the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R look like traditional watches with completely digital, circular displays and are extremely popular - we doubt that's a coincidence.

There are UI issues with a circular display, namely getting text to fit on screen properly. Ironically, this is an issue that Huawei showcases on its Huawei Watch page. We think this is more due to Android Wear being used by a variety of smartwatches, all with different sized and shaped displays. If Apple were to create a circular display, we think the UI would reflect the decision because it's designed specifically for that hardware.

Thinner design
The current Apple Watch measures in at 10.5mm thick, and while this is pretty impressive compared to other smartwatches, watch blog Hodinkee reported, "The Apple Watch doesn't fit under my shirt cuff without serious effort, if at all". After comparing the width of the Apple Watch to the Asus ZenWatch, which has a 9.4mm width, we'd have to assume that Apple would shave some precious millimetres off the Apple Watch for a second-generation device.

Gold plated option for Watch Sport and Watch
Last but not least, we'd love to see a Gold plated option on the Watch Sport and Watch models of Apple Watch. Gold is a great, striking colour that looks gorgeous on the Apple Watch, but seems to be limited to the seemingly "rich with money to burn" category.

Apple may be dubious about including a cheap Gold plated option, especially as it takes value and exclusivity away from the Watch Edition collection. While this may be true, we think that the hype around the Edition will die down soon after launch, leaving Apple to launch a more affordable Gold counterpart in later generations.


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