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Apple Watch 2 Wishlist: 9 features we want to see in a second generation Apple Watch

Lewis Painter | April 2, 2015
With the Apple Watch launching later on this month, we set our sights ahead on the Apple Watch 2. We discuss the features that we'd love to see on a second generation Apple Watch.

When Apple announced its much-anticipated Apple Watch back in September, people got very excited about its features and what it enables. Then, when Apple announced the Apple Watch for a second time, this time with more details, people got even more excited about its April launch day.

The issue is, like with every other Apple product, the first generation has always been a bit disappointing when compared to its second generation. Take the original iPhone for example; it couldn't record video or even copy and paste when it was launched. It wasn't until its third generation that the iPhone got video recording capabilities.

It's the same story with the original iPad - once the iPad 2 and 3 came out, app support for the original iPad started to dwindle before Apple eventually pulled the plug on the device and its OS updates altogether.

With this in mind, we started to wonder about what potential features could be included in Apple's second generation Apple Watch. Waterproofing? Smart straps? We've come up with nine features that we'd love to see on the second generation Apple Watch.

Better battery life
There was great speculation about the battery life of the Apple Watch on the run up to its (second) announcement. Apple put this worry to bed, claiming that the Apple Watch has an "all day battery life" but would still have to be charged each night, much like the iPhone. The issue with "all day battery life" is that it isn't very specific, and people that constantly use it will likely need a battery top up.

Looking at rivals like the Pebble Time Steel, which has a pretty amazing battery life of around 10 days, it makes the Apple Watch battery seem a bit disappointing. Yes, the Pebble Time Steel uses a less power hungry display, but even a 2-3 day Apple Watch battery life would be better than having to charge it every night.

It also opens up more functionality in the Apple Watch, mainly with sleep tracking. With a longer battery life, users could wear the Apple Watch to bed and get accurate stats about their sleep - information that's pretty popular, judging by the success of apps like Sleep Cycle.

While many may argue that a camera on a smartwatch is a silly idea that has similar privacy issues to Google Glass, it has its upsides. The Apple Watch already acts as a viewfinder for your iPhone camera, which is a useful feature to have but it needs stepping up a level.

FaceTime is a feature that Apple talks about with regards to almost every device it has, apart from the Apple Watch. Wouldn't it be great to be able to answer a FaceTime call from your wrist? The watch already has a microphone and speaker, so it's not a huge jump to make.


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