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Apple iOS 8's 12 best business features

Al Sacco | June 4, 2014
Apple spent only a minute or so of its two-hour WWDC keynote discussing the enterprise features in its upcoming iOS 8 mobile OS.

9) iOS 8 Interactive Notifications

One of the most simple but truly valuable additions to iOS 8 are interactive notifications. These let you quickly respond to mail, messages, calendar invites, reminders and compatible apps without ever leaving the app you're in. If you're composing a Mail message and get a social network friend request, you can simply tap the dropdown notification to accept the request and get right back to your message.

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10) iOS 8 Multitasking with Recent and Favorite Contacts

iOS users can currently access a multitasking feature that lets them quickly navigate open apps by tapping the home button twice. In iOS 8, a Recent and Favorite contact bar appears atop the multitasking panes. With a tap of the contact image, you can quickly initiate a phone call, text message or FaceTime video chat.

11) iOS 8 Keyboard Enhancements

Apple is bringing a revamped keyboard to iOS 8. To speed up and ease the touch-type process, predictive text features will suggest the next words you're likely to type. The QuickType keyboard "learns" and eventually suggests words and phrases based on messages you've composed in the past.

Predictive text keyboards aren't new, and other major mobile software, including Android and BlackBerry, have had predictive options for years. Still, QuickType could vastly improve the typing experience on Apple devices.

Perhaps even more notable is the fact that Apple is now letting iOS users install third-party keyboard apps — something it strongly opposed in the past. With iOS 8, Apple users will be able to experiment with a variety of keyboard options and then choose the one that works best for them, instead of being forced to use Apple's keyboard.

12) iOS 8 Integration with OS X 'Yosemite'

Apple's iOS 8 is designed to work together with the upcoming "Yosemite" desktop Mac OS, also due this fall, in a number of notable new ways. Corporate Mac users stand to benefit from the enhancements.

For example, business users with Macs or iPads will be able to answer phone calls, through their iPhones, using their computers or tablets, as long as they're on the same Wi-Fi network. Plus, users can respond to text messages from any of their contacts, whether or not they use Apple devices, via Mac or iPad.

A unique new Handoffs feature means iOS users can start composing messages on one mobile device and then pick them up and send them using another Mac. Handoff also works with a variety of additional apps including the Safari browser, and all of Apple's productivity and PIM apps, assuming all of the user's Apple devices are signed into the same iCloud account.


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