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Apple iOS 8's 12 best business features

Al Sacco | June 4, 2014
Apple spent only a minute or so of its two-hour WWDC keynote discussing the enterprise features in its upcoming iOS 8 mobile OS.

So far, T-Mobile is the only U.S. wireless carrier to express its support for iOS Wi-Fi calling, but other major carriers could follow suit some time this summer.

New Productivity Features in iOS 8

5) Enhanced iOS 8 Mail App

Apple made a ton of notable enhancements to the Mail app in iOS 8 and added a number of new features.

For example, its now easier to mark messages as read/unread or flag them for follow-up using swipe gestures. The VIP Threads feature lets you mark certain conversations as urgent and then receive specific notifications for those threads, while a dedicated VIP Threads mailbox lets you quickly see only the most important conversations without sifting through all other messages.

External email addresses can be set to display in red, so users know whenever theyre sending messages to recipients outside of their organizations. Exchange users can now manage out-of-office settings using iOS, too. Its also easier to quickly add reservations, flight confirmations and phone numbers that appear in messages to your calendar with a tap.

6) Enhanced iOS 8 Calendar App

Apple added enhanced availability functionality to the iOS 8 Calendar, so its easier to view coworker free/busy status when scheduling meetings. New meetings can be marked as private, and iOS users have more control over granular meeting settings, such the ability to create repeat meetings at certain intervals. A new Calendar setting lets a user quickly send a message to all meeting attendees to, say, provide a quick update before the event starts.

7) iOS 8 and Cloud Enhancements

Apple's iOS 8 makes it simpler to work on a variety of document types across Apple and Windows devices. Apple said iCloud Drive now integrates with some third-party cloud services, but it didn't specify which companies. (A screen shot on Apple's website shows icons for Box and OneDrive in the context of iCloud Drive, which seems to suggest they're are two of the supported Cloud services.)

From Apple:

"Third-party document apps can make documents available to other apps more easily than ever — without making unnecessary copies. So if you have an app that can access your corporate file servers, you can get to the document you need right from the app you want to edit it in."

8) iOS 8 Enhanced Messages

Apple's Messages app gets a significant upgrade in iOS 8. In addition to new voice/sound note, video message and location-sharing features, users get more advanced control over how to respond to and receive notifications for group messages. For example, you can quickly add and drop recipients from group messages and leave any conversation whenever you're ready. The ability to add names to conversations makes it simpler to monitor specific threads and avoid others.


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