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Android 7.0 Nougat: 6 helpful new features to try first

Florence Ion | Aug. 23, 2016
Don't really know where to begin with Google's latest mobile operating system? We can help.

Play with Nougat’s Easter Egg

nougat catgame

Who needs Neko Atsume when it’s built into Android Nougat?

Google has a tradition of hiding an Easter Egg in every new version of Android. In Nougat, you can unlock a cat collecting game that pays homage to apps like Neko Atsume.

nougat nekoeasteregg3

You’ll know you’ve activated the easter egg once you see this cat emoji pop up. 

To activate the Easter Egg, head into the Settings panel and scroll down to About phone. Tap on the Android version number three times, and then tap on the large N logo a few times before long-pressing. If you see the little cat emoji appear below, that means you’ve activated the game.

nougat nekoeasteregg2

You can leave food to attract cats from the notifications panel.

To play the game, you’ll have to add the option to your Quick settings. Using the instructions from earlier on in this article, select the cat icon so that it’s available in your notifications shade.

nougat nekoeasteregg

Attract the cats with someone to eat! 

Once it’s in there, tap on it from inside the Quick Settings to add food to the dish and attract kitties. You’ll receive a notification when you’ve successfully attracted a new feline. You can then tap on that notification to name your new kitty or share a picture of her with your friends on social media.


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