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Android 7.0 Nougat: 6 helpful new features to try first

Florence Ion | Aug. 23, 2016
Don't really know where to begin with Google's latest mobile operating system? We can help.

The moment you've been waiting for since the announcement of the original beta is here, Android faithful. 

Though you’re likely still getting used to uttering its name, Android 7.0 Nougat has been finalized. Google's latest Android operating system is ready to download and use as your daily driver. If you’re one of the many Nexus device owners using a smartphone or tablet released after the Nexus 6, you can install the update once it’s pushed to your device.

We’ve already told you about the best features in Android 7 Nougat, like its multi-window options and ability to directly reply from the notification shade. But if you weren’t a part of the beta, you might be stuck on where to start once the new operating system is installed on your device.

Here’s a list of the first six things to set up on your new Android Nougat device.

Learn to use Multi-Window

nougat multiwindow

Multi-window mode will quickly become your favorite feature on Android Nougat. 

Two apps on one screen? It’s possible with Nougat, and once you get a feel for how to use Android’s new multi-window feature you might actually get addicted to using two apps side-by-side.

From the Recent apps screen, press and hold the first app you want to run in multi-window mode. Once you see a prompt, drag that app to either side of the screen. You’ll then be able to open another app from Recent apps screen in the secondary window, or you can simply tap on an app from the Home screen visible within that space.

When you’re ready to exit this mode, long-press the recent apps list to restore the primary app to full screen. Alternatively, you can slide the edge of the app you’d rather use to either side of the display to make it full screen, or just press the Home button. 

Note that not all apps will work with multi-window mode, so be prepared to experiment a bit in the beginning. 

Set up Data Saver

Saving on cellular data is key in these precarious times when overage charges and data throttling are common. Nougat offers a new feature called Data Saver, which restricts data access to all apps the minute you turn it on.

nougat datasaver

The Data Saver option is available in the Data usage section of the Settings panel. 

Data Saver is readily available as an option in the Quick Settings menu, though you can also enable it by navigating to the Data usage category in the Settings panel. From there, you can customize which apps are white-listed—and thus allowed to rampantly use cellular data in the background. 


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