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A new Play Store uninstall manager will offer to clear up space, says report

Derek Walter | June 3, 2016
The new tool is appearing for some and recommending which space-hogging apps to delete.

Apps can sure take up a lot of space, especially all those addicting multiplayer games. It appears that Google may be getting a little more proactive about helping you out with this never-ending dilemma by creating a tool that suggests which apps to delete when you’re running out of space.

Android Police reports a Google-powered uninstall manager has appeared, which works by suggesting which apps you uninstall if storage gets low. 

play store uninstall manager 
A mystery uninstall manager is making an appearance on some Android phones. Credit: Android Police

No one on the Greenbot team has seen this pop up yet, but it may only appear if you’re hitting the breaking point on storage. There doesn’t seem to be a way to trigger this tool manually, so you may just have to be aware that it may pop in for a visit if your phone's storage fills up.

The impact on you: Perhaps this will show up next time you grab a beefy tower defense game or productivity app. Another alternative is if you have a phone like a Galaxy S7 Edge, there’s expandable storage available via a microSD slot. And don’t forget that Google Photos can delete stored images of your photos and videos that get backed up as another way to free up some room.


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