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A Google Now dashboard pops up, teasing another hub for your Google services

Derek Walter | Aug. 12, 2016
With Android Nougat and new Nexus phones around the corner, Google is hard at work ramping up its digital assistant.

google dashboard leak

There’s definitely a lot of underground construction going on with Google Now. From time to time it pops up to the surface, giving us a hint of how Google will take everything it knows about you and create useful tools.

The latest leaks reveal a new tab that appears at the bottom of the Google Now stream. In one of the shots it’s called Panel, while in the two others it’s referred to as Dashboard.

Our best guess is it’ll be some type of tool to better organize your notes, calendar, and other upcoming events saved in your Google account. It could launch on Nexus and later come to other Android devices, but it’s hard to say at this point.

The screenshots were acquired by someone running the leaked version of the Nexus Launcher, which may come exclusively to the upcoming Nexus phones. Despite loading this onto a Nexus 5X myself, I wasn’t able to make these appear. 

You can always try it yourself with the APK, but be warned: it’s software that’s still in the development stage and probably wasn’t intended for use outside of Google’s testing environment.

Why this matters: Google is aiming to make the next Nexus phones stand out with distinct software features. Unfortunately we don’t know a lot about this next innovation, but we’ll stay tuned for other leaks since clearly some people have been able to 


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