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8 things that (still) bug us in iOS 6

Macworld Staff | Sept. 25, 2012
Now that we’ve been living with iOS 6 for a while, we’ve realized (to our chagrin) that it still comes with a few quirks that bugged us in previous versions and still aren’t fixed. Herewith eight of the surviving features and flaws that bother Macworld editors the most.

Cant download single iTunes Match tracks

With iOS 6, the Music app has lost the ability to download individual iTunes Match tracks. You can download the entire contents of playlists, albums, and artists catalogs, but single tracks? Nope. This is particularly bothersome if youre downloading tracks over a cellular network, because it means downloading more data than you want.

The solution is simple: Avoid iTunes Match. If youre willing to spend $25 a year for cloud access to your music, Amazons Cloud Player may be the better solution. For that same $25 a year, you can not only download individual tracks (matched, uploaded, and purchased), but more of them: The services track limit is 250,000 rather than iTunes Matchs 25,000.Christopher Breen

Inserting photos or formatting text in Mail is too complex

Want to insert a photo into a message, stylize text, or increase the quote level in Mail? iOS 6 lets youslowly.

Say you want to try that last trick: Tap once on the message body. Then tap again on the right arrow of the contextual menu that appears. Then tap the right arrow again to get past the first set of options. Now tap Quote Level. Finally, tap to choose whether to Increase or Decrease Quote Level. Five taps later, do you remember why you were tweaking the quote level in the first place?

The problem here seems to be Apples apparent desire to keep that normally hidden menu slim and trim. But I could imagine another way: A big circle of options expanding when I tap and release in an empty portion of the text, exposing immediate access to options such as increasing the quote level, making the text bold, or inserting a photo. The way it is now makes me use those features less frequently.Lex Friedman


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