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8 things that (still) bug us in iOS 6

Macworld Staff | Sept. 25, 2012
Now that we’ve been living with iOS 6 for a while, we’ve realized (to our chagrin) that it still comes with a few quirks that bugged us in previous versions and still aren’t fixed. Herewith eight of the surviving features and flaws that bother Macworld editors the most.

The worst part is, its clear that Siri (or, more accurately, the developers behind it) know what youre trying to do: Say Turn on Do Not Disturb, and you get a link to iOS 6s new setting for muting notifications. Id love to use Siri to toggle that setting, or Bluetooth, or Airplane Mode. (Speaking of that last one: Id love to be able to use Sirifor settings, at leasteven when Im not connected to the Internet. After all, iOS had built-in speech recognition before it had Siri; surely that could be used for things like turning Airplane Mode off.)

Siri makes quick works of all sorts of common tasks. But the fact that it cant help with something I do several times a day continues to frustrate.Lex Friedman

Inaccessible settings

While the Settings app is easy enough to use, there are a number of settings that I access frequently, turning wireless networking on and off, for examplethat still require too many taps.

The Android operating system has a nice solution to this problem: It lets me place widgets on the home screen that provide quick access to such settings. For example, my Nexus 7 comes with a pre-installed widget that I can tap to toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, location, and syncing, and to cycle through screen-brightness modes. I wish iOS had something similar.Dan Frakes

Hitting that little X to clear notifications

Notification Center, which debuted in iOS 5, is great for keeping track of alerts and reminders. But removing messages from Notification Center is a pain: You cant delete individual messages, you cant easily clear all messages, and removing all the notification from a single appsay, Mailrequires you to tap a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy X button (which I inevitably miss at least two or three times before Im finally successful).

This is another area in which Id like to see Apple ape Android: On my Nexus 7, which uses a similar swipe-down notification display, I can swipe any notification to remove it, or I can clear all messages with a single tap.Dan Frakes

Limited shared Photo Streams

Its great that you can inflict your images on the world (or a small portion of it) through iOS 6s Shared Photo Stream feature. But sharing is a lot better when it works in both directions. Currently, while you can share your photos with others via iCloud, Shared Photo Stream doesnt allow you to create an album that multiple individuals can share.

The solution to this one is simple: Dont use Shared Photo Stream for this job. Instead, do what weve been doing for years and use a dedicated photo sharing service such as Flickr or Shutterfly. (Or, if youre a social butterfly, Facebook.) Create a shared album on one of these services and share and share alike.Christopher Breen


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