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6 only-for-iPad gestures you need to know

Ben Patterson | Aug. 31, 2015
Nope, you can't pinch your iPhone's display to get to the home screen, nor can you swipe directly through your open apps—but you can if you're an iPad user.

Bonus: Drag more icons into the home-screen dock

On both the iPhone and iPad, you can drag and drop any apps you want in and out of the home-screen dock (the little gray stripe sitting at the bottom of the screen). Indeed, you can even drag all four apps out of the dock if you want, leaving the bottom of your iPhone or iPad home screen empty.

Drag more icons into the home-screen dock

You can drag a fifth or even sixth icon into the iPad’s home screen dock.

Unlike the iPhone, though, the iPad doesn’t restrict you to just four apps in the home-screen dock. Go ahead and tap, hold, and drag a fifth app into the dock—or a sixth, if you’re feeling particularly daring.

Bonus: Flick the side switch to lock the screen

No, flipping the switch on the side of your iOS device to mute the volume isn’t a gesture that’s unique to the iPad—that is, unless you count a special, secondary side-switch feature that only the iPad can do.

Flick the side switch to lock the screen

The iPad’s side switch can do more than just mute the volume.

First, tap Settings > General, find the “Use Slide Switch to” heading, then tap Lock Rotation.

Now, go ahead and flick the iPad’s side switch—and when you do, you’ll lock the screen’s orientation in place.

It’s the same feature as you’ll find in the swipe up Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then tap the button with the padlock), just minus the extra swipes and taps.


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