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6 only-for-iPad gestures you need to know

Ben Patterson | Aug. 31, 2015
Nope, you can't pinch your iPhone's display to get to the home screen, nor can you swipe directly through your open apps—but you can if you're an iPad user.

While viewing the iPad’s Mail app in “landscape” orientation (that is, with your iPad in a lengthwise position), you’ll see your inbox in a pane on the left side of the screen, with your open messages filling the rest of the display.

Swipe from left to right within an open Mail message

You can reveal your Mail inbox with a quick swipe within a mail message.

If you turn your iPad so it’s in “portrait” orientation, however, the inbox pane will disappear, leaving only your currently open message. To see the inbox again, you’ll have to tap the inbox arrow in the top-left corner of the page...

...or, just do this: Make a short swipe gesture from left to right within the body of a message.

When you do, the inbox pane will quickly slide into view.

Once you’re ready to hide the inbox pane again, just swipe again in the body of the open message, this time from right to left.

Pull the keypad apart with your fingertips

If you’ve ever tried typing on the iPad’s virtual keypad using your thumbs, you’ll know that it’s an exercise in futility... or at least, it is for those of us who lack Mr. Fantastic’s super-elastic limbs.

Pull the keypad apart with your fingertips

Trouble typing on your iPad? Splitting the keyboard might do the trick.

That said, if you’re really determined to go all-thumbs on your iPad’s keyboard, here’s a trick: Hold the keypad with a fingertip on each side, then pull the keyboard apart.

When you do, the keypad will split into two separate halves, making typing with your thumbs a whole lot easier.

If you can’t manage to split the keypad with your fingers, tap Settings > General > Keyboards, then toggle on the Split Keyboard setting.

Tap, hold, and swipe your Safari tabs

Unlike on the smaller iPhone screen, Safari for iPad boasts actual desktop-like tabs along the top browser toolbar, perfect for quickly switching between tabs or closing a tab.

Tap, hold, and swipe your Safari tabs

You can rearrange Safari tabs on your iPad the same as you can on Safari for Mac.

Also, just like browser tabs on the desktop version of Safari (or just about any browser, for that matter), your Safari for iPad tabs can easily be rearranged any way you like.

Just tap and hold a tab, then drag it one way or the other. As you do, your other Safari tabs will scoot out of the way.


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