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5 strategies for post-holiday BYOD problems

Steve Ragan | Dec. 19, 2013
Employees' new mobile devices could cause the age-old security versus productivity debate to resurface.

FAQ the basics:

Again, you can't stop it: Personal devices will arrive after the holidays. Make things easier on the helpdesk, and when the policy reminders are sent, include the steps needed to enable Wi-Fi for iOS and Android, and basics like the SSID information or help on connecting automatically.

This, in theory, will cut down on the number of helpdesk requests related to making things "just work."

Prep supported apps:

"What better way to welcome the arrival of a new device than with a supported list of apps. Once an employee enrolls a device, and IT can automatically push them all the corporate apps they need. To wow employees even further, place a set of games and public apps in their supported app store," Dale said.


Finally, make sure that when the policy reminders go out, employees are clear on what parts of the device the company will have access to and what can be done with that access.

"Privacy is a major part of a successful BYOD program. There are several options so, know what abilities you as IT have and figure out what works best for your company culture or CEO," Dale added.


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