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5 reasons a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 can replace your laptop

Sarah K. White | Dec. 22, 2015
More people are turning to tablets for work -- and there are more options than the iPad Pro. Here are five reasons why you should consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for your next work device.

5 reasons a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 can replace your laptop
Credit: Samsung

With the advent of tablet-notebook hybrid devices, Chromebooks and even the release of the iPad Pro, more people are turning away from traditional laptops for both work and fun. This is especially true for those who just need Internet access and some basic productivity apps to get work done. Tablets are the most natural shift when looking for something less powerful than a notebook but suited to business and personal use -- and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is no exception.

In fact, Samsung even markets the S2 as a work-friendly device, and with its compact size and weight --less than one pound - that means you won't have to lug around a three-pound notebook and charger when you travel. There's also a host of connectivity options and strong performance, which guarantee you won't miss a beat while multitasking for work. If you aren't quite sold on a tablet, or if you're interested in making the shift but need a nudge, here are five of the biggest reasons to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 at work.

Compact size

If you travel a lot for work, or consider yourself road warrior, you probably know it's a lot easier to tote around a small tablet than an entire notebook. If you aren't a power user, and really just need to check email, edit or create documents and have reliable access to Wi-Fi, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 delivers.

Measuring 9.34 x 6.65 x .22 inches and weighing just 10.51 ounces, it's easy to throw this tablet in a carry-on or briefcase and you won't be weighed down while catching a plane or hailing a cab. While the compact size might be a deterrent if you feel you need more screen space, if youdon't mind a screen just shy of 10 inches, and are more interested in travelling light, it's a great option.


When compared to the iPad, you have more connectivity options with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, as you do with most Android tablets. You can connect to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, or even a wired set using a mini USB to full USB connector. These connectors are easy to find and inexpensive if you shop around. Using this setup lends to a more natural notebook experience, similar to the Microsoft Surface lineup. With the trackpad or a mouse, you won't have to reach up and tap the screen every time you need to change apps or highlight some text.

Samsung even has a proprietary keyboard case that includes a trackpad, and while it isn't the most accurate trackpad, it works in a pinch. The keyboard also has a number of the features built into it, such as the back button, home button, app switcher and a button that will bring up the app drawer, so your hands rarely need to leave the keyboard.


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