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4 ways to be a considerate late-night iPhone or iPad user

Ben Patterson | July 13, 2016
Keep your iPhone or iPad dark and quiet by switching to dark mode in Safari, inversing screen colors, tweaking your Do Not Disturb settings, and more.

There's nothing like a late-night chapter of a Kindle book to put me right to sleep, but the glow of my iPhone's screen tends to keep my wife awake-and if a jarring iOS notification sounds or buzzes, well, that certainly doesn't help her slumber.

While the new Night Shift mode (which finally works even when iOS's low-power mode is enabled) will supposedly help you sleep by filtering out the brightest colors from your iPhone or iPad's display, it won't do much good for a bedfellow who sleeps best in total darkness and silence.

I've collected a quartet of tips that'll take Night Shift one step further by dimming your iPhone or iPad screen as much as possible while you read, as well as silencing any intrusive alerts or buzzes.

Browse the web in dark mode

Even with Night Shift mode turned on, your iPhone or iPad display will still throw off an impressive amount of light during a late-night web browsing sessions. If you want to wade into an epic feature story on the Safari web browser without keeping your significant other awake, here's a handy trick.

Browse the web in dark mode
Ben Patterson

Safari's Reader mode boasts a way to switch to white text on a black background, which dramatically dims the display

First, activate Safari's Reader mode by tapping the three-line button at the left end of the address bar. Reader mode strips out extraneous page elements while keeping the text intact, although it won't do much to dim the screen...well, not yet, anyway.

Next step: With Reader mode activated, tap the font button in the right side of the address bar (it's the "aA" one), then tap the dark, right-most circle in the pop-up window.

Presto! Your reader-friendly webpage will have switched to white text on a dark background, slashing the brightness of your screen in the process.

Turn on dark mode in iBooks, Kindle, and other dedicated reader apps

If curling up with a good digital book is your favorite way to doze off, there's an easy way to do it without lighting up the bedroom late at night.

Turn on dark mode in iBooks, Kindle and other dedicated reader apps
Ben Patterson

iBooks for iOS can keep the screen dim automatically if you enable the Auto-Night Theme setting.


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