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4 things Huawei Watch does that Apple Watch can't

Al Sacco | Oct. 26, 2015
The Apple Watch is the hottest smartwatch on the market, but Huawei hopes to turn the tables with its high-powered Android timepiece. Here are four ways the Huawei Watch outshines the Apple Watch.

apple watch huawei watch granite 
Apple Watch and Huawei Watch. Credit: Brian Sacco

All of the Huawei Watch versions come with 42 mm stainless steel cases and premium leather or stainless bands. A comparable 42mm Apple Watch with stainless case, Sapphire face ($599) and a leather strap (sold separately, starting at $150) will run you a minimum of $750, or more than double the price of the similarly equipped Huawei Watch. 

And that's not all. Huawei Watch has a larger battery, and a higher-resolution display. Of course, Apple Watch also "out-specs" the Huawei Watch in a few ways, but in general, Huawei delivers higher quality materials and more impressive tech specs than Apple for less money. 

2) Huawei Watch has way more watch face options than Apple Watch

One of the best things about Android Wear, Google's smartwatch OS and the software that powers the Huawei Watch, is the wealth of customizable watch faces available in the Play Store, many of which are free or cost just $0.99. 

Apple, however, does not allow third-party watch faces in its App Store. That means Apple Watch users are stuck (for now) with the 13 watch face templates available in the latest version of watchOS 2.0, its smartwatch software. A few of those watch faces are customizable, and you can pick and choose which "complications," or modules, you want to display, including complications from select third-party apps. But you're still restricted to that specific, and relatively simple, set of faces. 

huawei watch apple watch 
Huawei Watch and Apple Watch. Credit: Brian Sacco

Honestly, the vast majority of Android watch faces I tried on the Huawei Watch aren't particularly polished or impressive, but the seemingly endless selection on Google Play means you don't have to stick with any face you don't like.

 3) Huawei Watch battery outlasts Apple Watch

As previously mentioned, the 42mm Huawei Watch has a larger battery (300mAh) than the comparable 42mm Apple Watch. (Though Apple hasn't specified the 42mm Watch battery capacity, a "teardown" of it smaller, 38mm sibling revealed a 205mAh power pack, and other reports suggest the 42mm battery is 250mAh.) 

Specific capacity specs aside, my own experience and the manufacturer claims for both devices suggest Huawei Watch lasts longer on a single charge than Apple Watch. For example, Huawei says its Watch lasts "up to 2 days," or 48 hours, which is more than double the "up to 18 hours of battery life" Apple claims.

In my experience, the Huawei Watch lasts more than a full, 24-hour day… but not much more. That's significantly less than Huawei's claims, but also significantly more than the roughly 16 hours of regular use I get from my Apple Watch.


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