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4 things Apple Watch does that Huawei Watch can't

Al Sacco | Oct. 26, 2015
Apple's Watch is the No. 1 smartwatch on the planet for a reason, and though many other high-end alternatives exist, including many Android Wear options, Apple's timepiece still stands out. Here are four ways Apple Watch outperforms the stylish new Android-powered Huawei Watch.

force touch

For example, you can touch and then press on the Watch face "home screen" to switch between other faces. You can press on the display during a workout to pause or end the session, or to lock the screen so you don't inadvertently trigger a function while being active. A hard press on the notification screen lets you dismiss all alerts. And a Force Touch API enables third-party developers to take advantage of the feature to build creative new uses into their apps. 

Smartwatches have small displays, and most have only one or two buttons, so text in put and interaction with the devices can be tedious, and in some cases, frustrating. Force Touch gives Apple Watch users another way to trigger features and functionality, and it's built into the display so it doesn't require any additional buttons.

The Huawei Watch has only a single button on its side, and a set of on-screen taps and swipes, as well as voice, are used for navigation and input, which means the potential for interaction is limited compared to Apple Watch.

3) Selection of Apple Watch bands bests Huawei Watch 

The word "customization" is much more likely to be spoke alongside "Android" than "Apple," but thanks to an impressive (and increasing) array of both official watchbands, the Apple Watch is infinitely more customizable than Huawei's Watch, at least when it comes official watchbands. However, the Huawei Watch uses industry standard size 18-mm watch straps, according to Google, so its owners do have many generic straps to choose from.

apple watch iphone 6s plus granite 
Credit: Brian Sacco

In fact, Huawei doesn't sell replacement bands at all, though its website lists seven different swappable options, ranging in price from $80 to $170, that are supposedly "coming soon." In comparison, Apple offers seven different official Apple Watch bands, in as many as 16 different colors — though they certainly aren't cheap. And a quick search for "Apple Watch bands" yields dozens of more affordable third-party options.

My Huawei Watch came with a shiny, natural black leather band, and though it's well-made, it's not at all well-suited for working out. And it's not waterproof, so you cannot (or should not), say, use it while you're running in the rain. I switch back and forth between a silicon "sport" band (when I'm working out) and the "Leather Loop" band (when I'm not) on my Apple Watch. Huawei doesn't offer any sort of fitness-friendly rubber watchband for its Watch, and neither does Amazon. In other words, when it comes to bands made specifically for your watch, Apple Watch has Huawei Watch beat by a long shot.


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