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36 best free iPhone games: Brilliant iOS games that cost nothing

David Price | Oct. 26, 2015
Great free iPhone games? You've come to the right place. Freemium can be an unpleasant business model but there are some fantastic free iPhone games out there if you know where to look.

Throughout, a cast of misfits adds some personality to proceedings, telling tall tales, getting surprise-eaten by Yetis, and in one case providing the only example on iOS of an in-app ad sting we've ever laughed at. (Thanks, Larry the 'guerrilla marketing expert', and your little jab that you're 'on commission'!) Craig Grannell

FREE | For iPad & iPhone (Universal) | Download Skiing Yeti Mountain


Typically on seeing the name Ketchapp, you know what you're in for: simplistic endless fare that's like a cheap snack - briefly satisfying but ultimately throwaway. Sky is different. The basic premise is nothing new, but everything's put together so well that it becomes surprisingly compelling.

In Sky's minimal isometric world, a yellow square moves along a zigzag track, gobbling dots. In its way: grey squares that must be avoided. A tap sends the yellow square into the air. A second tap while airborne results in a double-jump, for avoiding larger sets of grey squares.

Where things become interesting is on entering green tents that are dotted about. These 'clone' your square, which results in multiple iterations working their way along several tracks. All jump as one, but in combination they hoover up dots far more quickly than a solitary square. Sky therefore becomes a tense juggling act to ensure as many squares survive for as long as possible, before they again merge.

As you play, there's a pleasant noodly piano-based soundtrack, and the visuals look so polished you imagine they'd squeak on dragging a finger over them. A single IAP lurks (£1.49/$1.99), for turning off the ads (which appear as a strip across the bottom of the screen). Craig Grannell

FREE | For iPad & iPhone (Universal) | App Store link

Best free iPhone games: Sky

Sling Kong

We should be having a good old grumble about Sling Kong. Fundamentally, it does nothing especially original. It borrows the 'catapult something across the screen' mechanism from a dozen iOS mega-hits and then welds that to an endless vertical climber. Angry Doodle Fling, perhaps. The thing is, we can't stay remotely mad at Sling Kong, because it does everything so well.

Its little characters have this oddly bewildered look about them, as if they're as surprised as you that they've suddenly been dumped in an absurdly dangerous endless deathtrap. Their demise is always gleefully cartoonish and icky - fur flying when a monkey meets a saw blade, or an octopus splattering across the screen on suddenly finding itself between two large pieces of wood that have a particularly violent meeting.


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