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13 tutorials for switching from Windows to Mac

Steven Borden-Weill | March 10, 2011
Apple products are seemingly finding their way into more and more Windows shops. Here’s what you need to know for a smooth transition.

FRAMINGHAM, 10 MARCH 2011 - We’ve been writing a lot of late about Apple (AAPL) iPhones and iPads storming the enterprise, but of course Apple Macs, such as the new MacBook Pros, are finding their way into more businesses as well. 

Apple isn’t always the most aggressive company when it comes to its enterprise focus, so we've collected a bunch of tutorials to help ease your learning curve whether you're bringing Macs into your business or your home. 

Switch to Mac 101

Apple’s own Switch 101 provides help for new Mac users: how to navigate, use the software, customize, hook up peripherals and digital devices, and transfer files from a Windows machine to a Mac. 

How to Switch to the Mac 

A clear and broad guide for switching to the Mac, including how to buy the computer and do initial installation. 

Learn the Switch to Mac 2.0 (Mac App) 

A tool that interactively guides you through a typical day in Windows, then teaches you the equivalent on your Mac. This is a fun alternative to the 400-page book that you had to buy and of course read, to learn how to switch. 

"Learn the Switch to Mac" Video

A video demonstrating what the Learn the Switch to Mac Application can do. 

Ease into the Switch

A whole blog dedicated to providing articles and bits of information to help ease you into the process of switching to Macs. 

Switching to a Mac For Dummies 

The classic book series' take on switching to a Mac; a more practical and humorous approach to the switch than most that are offered. 

My Mac Switch

A blog dedicated to answering some frequently asked questions by those who have recently switched over to a Mac. 

Mac Training Videos

A small collection of videos that highlight some key differences between Windows and OSX. Cover Flow + Quick Look and Finder Views.  

Switch to a Mac

A collection of handy and in depth guides to the Mac line of products and OSX. 

Learn the Switch To Mac (iOS app)

 This $2.99 application is available in the iOS application store and is an intensive guided walk-through of OSX. It is one of the most detailed guides around.  

Free Online OSX Tutorial

An easy-to-use Mac tutorial that covers everything from changing your desktop background to keeping an eye on the security of your Mac. 

General Tips From the Wall Street Journal

A collection of simple tips and tricks for the new Mac user by The WSJ. 


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