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12 awesome iPhone camera tricks anyone can do

Christopher Phin | Jan. 4, 2016
Face it, you take 99 percent of your photos with your iPhone. Make them the best they can be.

iphone tips go nuts with filters

Tap Edit and you can change the filter or remove it completely. This goes for the Light, Color, and B&W controls you can tweak too.

Add accessories—but be choosy

There is a dizzying array of additional bits of hardware you can buy to take your iPhoneography—blast, thought we’d get to the end without using that word—further, but a great deal of it is frankly a bit, well, novelty. Here’s some genuinely great buys that we both like a lot and use a lot:

iphone tips add accessoriesbut be choosy 
Credit: Christopher Phin

  • The Glif adapter works with any smartphone, and lets you mount it on a standard tripod thread.

  • The lenses from Olloclip can be easily slipped onto your iPhone, and give you creative options such as macro, telephoto and wide angle. But although they’re not as easy to slip on and off, we really love the lenses from Moment; really bright, clear glass, and the camera case (above) and accompanying app are useful too.

  • Manfrotto SMT LED light is a rechargeable, three-level LED lamp. It’s never gonna replace proper pro lighting rigs, but it gives a nice little boost, especially when you’re shooting video. The tripod mount lets you position it where you like.

  • The Mophie spacestation comes in especially handy when you’re taking photos with your iPhone on vacation, say. Not only is it a 6,000mAh battery to keep you shooting for longer, but it comes in 32 or 64GB capacities, so you can offload photos and videos to it so you won’t run out of space on your iPhone.

What are your favorite tips for taking photos with your iPhone? Share them in the comments below!


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